DefectDojo can inform you about changes on different channels.


Notification settings

DefectDojo can inform you of different events in a variety of ways. You can be notified about things like an upcoming engagement, when someone mentions you in a comment, a scheduled report has finished generating, and more.

The following notification methods currently exist:

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Alerts within DefectDojo (default)

You can set these notifications on a global scope (if you have administrator rights) or on a personal scope. For instance, an administrator might want notifications of all upcoming engagements sent to a certain Slack channel, whereas an individual user wants email notifications to be sent to the user's specified email address when a report has finished generating.

Users can define notifications on a product level as well, and these settings will be applied only for selected products.

Microsoft Teams does not provide an easy way to send messages to a personal channel. Therefore, DefectDojo can only send system scope notifications to Microsoft Teams.

In order to identify and notify you about things like upcoming engagements, DefectDojo runs scheduled tasks for this purpose. These tasks are scheduled and run using Celery beat, so this needs to run for those notifications to work.

DefectDojo allows template to be used, administrator can use this feature to define which notification should be received by newly created users.



The following scopes have to be granted.

Slack OAuth scopes


The bot token has to be chosen and put in your System Settings

Slack token

What it generally looks like

Add Product

Import Scan

Microsoft Teams

To activate notifications to Microsoft Teams, you have to:

  • Configure an Incoming Webhook in a Teams channel and copy the URL of the webhook to the clipboard
  • Activate Enable Microsoft Teams notifications in the System Settings
  • Paste the URL of the Incoming Webhook into the field Msteams url